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Welcome Rick Plasket to our team of elite Louisville business coaches.

We are excited that Rick Plasket has joined our team.  Here’s a little bit about Rick and the experience he brings to ActionCOACH Louisville.

Rick Plasket is an award winning, seasoned Professional Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Rick works with Professionals, Owners and Executives on strategy, leadership, and effective actions. He has a track record of award winning results for his clients.

His guiding principle is to find your unique strengths (your “Super Powers”) to increase results through influence. He does this by coaching you to Assess your current state; Adapt your plans, strategy, and approach to focus on your Super Powers; then purposely Advance toward your goals.

As an Army Veteran and Graduate from West Point – The United States Military Academy, Rick melds his unique leadership experience together with Senior Corporate VP and Business Director experiences to guide and coach you from where you are right now to what you want to be.

Rick has addressed Global Conferences of Business Professionals, Industry Associations, Private Companies, and Charities. His Style is interactive, engaging, and thought invoking. His topics include:

  • No Margin / No Mission: 5 ways to build profits and make your positive impact.
  • Sales Made Simple: No one likes to be sold, they love to buy – Confidently HELP THEM!
  • Procrastination – It’s your Super Power so USE IT!
  • 6 Reasons You Work Too Hard & Too Long: The Step to STOP working for your business and make your business work for you!

Contact Rick or one of our other award winning coaches to help you grow your business and profits.

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