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Start with Core Values as a Marketing Strategy

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In today’s fast-paced world, the speed of information far exceeds the amount of thought that is put into originating that information. When our company recently sat down to discuss our marketing, we decided that we weren’t going to start with HOW to communicate our message (video, social media, door knocking, etc.), but instead to focus on WHO it was we wanted to communicate with in the first place. We needed to find our core values.

Normally, we would start putting together a list of criteria such as annual revenue, sales volume, # of employees, industry, company age, geographic location, etc. . . . Let’s call these Company Demographics. Sound familiar?

Now, the next step would be to get more specific and compile information on an individual, such as age, gender, income, challenges, education, where they get their information, major influencers, buying decisions, etc. . . . We’ll call these the Customer Profiles or Buyer Personas.

Even with all of that information, we felt that something was missing.

After much deliberation we came to the realization that we had worked with companies that were almost identical from a demographic perspective, and who’s customer profiles even had a lot of similarities, yet one company thrived and the other did not. So, where was the disparity? What was missing? By our estimation, the difference could be found in the values of both the owner and the company as a whole.

“Ah Ha!” we said.  “That’s what’s missing. Personal core values!” In our business and many other’s around the globe, the relationship is more important than the process, and we found that it is 100% necessary for the values of our clients to match our own if we are going to work together and accomplish any level of success.

So, the list which follows (though not complete) was different from anything we had done previously.  This helped us to better cater our message to the right individual, not just the right “company”. Feel free to use it as a guide, but spend some time making your own core values list.  Look back at the best clients you have ever had and ask yourselves why. I’ll bet it had more to do with the values-match than total revenue.

Owner Values

  1. Servant Leader
  2. Humble
  3. Willing to change themselves
  4. Value Developing Leaders
  5. Value Team Culture
  6. Avid Learners
  7. Growth-centric
  8. Interested in building something great, beyond themselves

Business Values

  1. ESOP
  2. Kaizen
  3. Private
  4. Team-Centric
  5. Values community and giving back
  6. Family
  7. Accountability

Contact us to discuss how we might help grow your organization in context of your core values.

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