Benefits of Structured Business Planning

Research shows that only 2% of business owners have a written plan, and even fewer stick to it. It’s no wonder that 50% of business fail during the first five years and 66% during the first 10. I am sure these businesses didn’t plan to fail but most likely failed to plan.

Besides to obvious of “keeping the doors open” here are some benefits of intentional structured planning:

  • Better decisions. Often times it’s hard to see the “forest for the trees”. Our 90 day planning guide will help you gain big picture clarity in order to make smart high level business decisions.
  • True Perspective allows you to celebrate the wins and be real about the losses. Every business has ups and downs. However, without this type of planning it’s difficult identify true wins and losses.
  • Learning from others is one of the fastest paths to success. Our GrowthClub structured planning allows you to learn from other owners what works and what doesn’t in the real world marketplace. Plus, it a platform to make meaningful friendships.

Join us for our next GrowthClub planning session and experience all the benefits of structured 90 day planning with your peers.

See what other are saying about GrowthClub in the video below.

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